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The IFSC strongly recommends contacting the team at the American Avalanche Institute to learn more about skiing in the backcountry.  These professionals specialize in teaching the skills needed to approach the back country with confidence. Click here to learn more.  (Visit the AAI table at the Ski Sale in November!) The following list of helpful links has been provided by Sonya Budak of System Professionals Corporation:


avalanche.institute@gmail.com  – American Avalanche Institute, 4970 N. Skyline Loop, Victor, ID 83455, 208-733-3315

Contact: Sawtooth Mountain Guides, Box 18, Stanley, ID 83278 (208)774-3324 or email at: getaway@sawtoothguides.com

www.idahoparks.org  – Idaho Parks & Recreation

Idaho State University – (holds classes regularly, usually at a lesser cost)


info@avalancheawareness.org, Avalanche Awareness Foundation, PO Box420, Jackson, WY, 83001

www.jhavalanche.org (307-733-2664) Jackson

www.exumguides.com – Jackson Hole offers Level I, II and III avalanche courses

www.jhmg.com – Jackson Hole offers avalanche courses



www.avalanche.org – National organization, gives a list of avalanche centers

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