Grand Targhee Ski Instructional # 2


January 30-31, 2020 (SATURDAY AND SUNDAY)

Registration and purchase of the 2020 Instructionals are different this year than prior years. Please read this entire page to be fully prepared.

Moira Solle
(208) 524-6323

Reservation deadline:
January 28th, 2021 (Thursday) for Instructional #2

$11 per adult lesson (15 & older) – 2 available per day – 2 hours long
(Please note: 1st adult class starts at 10am, 2nd adult class starts at 1pm)
$6 per junior lesson (6 – 14 yrs old) – 2 available per day – 2.5 hours long
(Targhee is no longer offering 4-5yr old’s access to the discounted lessons.)
(Please note: 1st junior class starts at 9:30am, 2nd junior class starts at 1pm)

About the Grand Targhee Instructionals Weekend

•Lessons are held on Saturday and Sunday.
•There are two lessons per day.

•You may take more than one lesson per day.
•Please make your lesson reservation by the appropriate deadline.
•A lesson does not include a lift ticket.

All lesson levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert) are offered for Alpine, Snowboarding, Nordic, Skate Ski, and Telemark Skiing. $6 lessons for juniors (6-14yrs) in all types of skiing. $11 lessons for adults (15 and up.) There are two lessons available each day (Saturday and Sunday), giving you 4 opportunities to learn to ski or improve your skills. These group lessons are taught by the Grand Targhee Ski School. Junior lessons are 2.5 hours and adult lessons are 2 hours.

How to Register, Select, and Purchase Your Lesson(s)

Pre-registration is required in the following 3 steps:

  • Pre-register with IFSC on this google form:
    Once that form is complete, you will be given a Validation Code.  The code will allow you to sign-up and pay for the lesson(s) through the Grand Targhee Website.
  • Login or Create a Grand Targhee “Guest” Account:
    When you receive the Validation Code, go to the Grand Targhee Website using this direct link:
    At this point each member (including juniors) needs to have their own “guest” account.  Each person taking a lesson needs a separate “guest” account.  At the top, right of your browser page select “Account” and click on “Login or Create Account.” While this takes a few minutes of time now, signing-up for future IFSC Grand Targhee Instructional will be much easier.
  • Select and Pay for Your Lessons:
    After you have a “guest” account, select your lessons and add them to your “cart”. Once your lessons are in your “cart” and you are ready to check-out, select the desired “Guest” account. If this is your first time signing-up, you will be directed to the Grand Targhee Lessons Waiver. Initial/sign the waver and you will be brought back to your “cart”. Next add your Validation Code in the provided box in your “cart” (look for the red X). You are now ready to buy your lesson(s). Grand Targhee will email you your receipt of purchase.
    If you have trouble with the validation code, please call Grand Targhee Resort Reservations and they will complete your order by phone, 307.353.2300 ext. 1800.
  • You will pick-up your lesson(s) vouchers the day of the lesson(s) at the Grand Targhee Ski School.

Due to 2020 Covid restrictions, Grand Targhee Resort recommends you pre-buy your lift tickets on their website.  IFSC offers 10% off the daily rate, but at times Grand Targhee will offer more than 10%, so be sure to check their website for their rates.  If you choose to use the IFCS 10% off rate, you will need to buy those lift tickets (with your identification and membership card) at the Targhee Ticket Booth. You can not pre-buy using the IFCS discount.

If you have trouble with the validation code, please call Grand Targhee Resort Reservations and they will complete your order by phone, 307.353.2300 ext. 1800.  If you have any questions specifically about the instructionals, please call Moira Solle (208-524-6323). 

Please, do not wait until the last minute to sign up for these lessons.  Secure your spot by clicking the link above and making your reservation today.

You are never too old to take a lesson! Sign up for an “expert lesson” and sharpen your skills.

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Jan 30 - 31 2021


All Day




Moira Solle