IFSC Trip Coordinators

Meet our Trip Coordinators

Alex Kepas

Alpine Director

Maureen Finnerty

Cross Country Director

Moira Solle

Targhee Ski Instructional Coordinator

Kevin Skinner

Pomerelle Ski Instructional Coordinator

Looking to become a IFSC Trip Coordinator?

We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to help bring these wonderful sports to the larger community. IFSC trips are coordinated by volunteer members. Any member of IFSC may coordinate a ski trip. 

  Being a coordinator is very rewarding, but takes time to organize. A member wanting to run an alpine, cross country, or fat-tire bike trip, should contact the Alpine or Cross Country Director to discuss the details, which would include transportation to and from the area and any overnight accommodations. The trip coordinator is responsible for arranging lift tickets and lodging at a discounted rate and makes arrangements for food and beverage. 

  The coordinator is the point of contact for the group and makes sure everyone has a great time! Upon approval by the Director, IFSC reimburses any costs for the trip that are not paid directly by members. A post trip report (including financial information) is required. 

  If you enjoy helping to set up events, large or small, you should consider being a trip coordinator! It isn’t too late to add a trip for this year, we are always looking at new opportunities, because hey, you never know where the POWDER will hit! We have so many wonderful places to ski in our backyard, but need help making the arrangements to get there.

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